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Gazebo Chassis


Installing from a package may not work. This article is not yet complete.

This article will take you through the manipulation of the mecanum wheels robot and the swerve drive robot chassis in the Gazebo simulation.

Running the simulation

Installing from the package

sudo apt install ros-noetic-rm-rm_gazebo ros-noetic-rm-description

Compile from source

Go to your workspace (assuming it is named rm_ws), pull this rm_control in your workspace and install the package dependencies using rosdep and compile.

cd ~/ws_ws/src
git clone
rosdep install --from-paths . --ignore-src
catkin build

You must make sure that your rosdep installation and initialization is correct.


You should perform the following actions in your daily development computer; and not install simulation and visualization-related packages on top of the computing device on the robot, let alone run simulations on it.

Set the environment variable ROBOT_TYPE to the target robot :

export ROBOT_TYPE=hero

Start the simulation of the target robot

 mon launch rm_gazebo empty_world.launch

The target robot simulation is started while the robot's gimbal and launch mechanism are disabled (loading the launch mechanism when the gimbal mechanism is not loaded will generate an error), because our goal is to control the motion of the chassis in the simulation.

Run the controller

Install from package

Controlling the chassis with the command line

Go to your workspace (assuming it is named rm_ws), pull the simulation package rm_chassis_controllers that you will use for this tutorial in your workspace, and install the package dependencies using rosdep.

cd ~/ws_ws/src
git clone
rosdep install --from-paths . --ignore-src
catkin build

Load and start the chassis controller.

 mon launch rm_chassis_controllers load_controllers.launch

Set the serial number of mode to set the chassis mode where:

  1. 0 represents RAW mode, it is the initial state of the chassis, it is the initial state of the chassis, the chassis cannot move in this mode.

  2. 1 represents FOLLOW mode, is the gimbal follow mode, the chassis follow the direction of the gimbal movement.

  3. 2 represents GYRO mode, is the small gyro mode, the chassis rotates with itself as the center.

  4. 3 represents TWIST mode, it is twist mode, the rotation of the chassis will not be affected by the direction of the gimbal.

Set accel(acceleration), set the linear and angular acceleration of the chassis and set the limit power of the chassis in power_limit.

rostopic pub /controllers/chassis_controller/command rm_msgs/ChassisCmd "mode: 0
linear: {x: 0.0, y: 0.0, z: 0.0}
angular: {x: 0.0, y: 0.0, z: 0.0}
power_limit: 0.0
follow_source_frame: ''
stamp: {secs: 0, nsecs: 0}"

The command to set the speed of the chassis to move is as follows.

rostopic pub /cmd_vel geometry_msgs/Twist "linear:
x: 0.0
y: 0.0
z: 0.0
x: 0.0
y: 0.0
z: 0.0"